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NSdV 2004-2007

NuoviStilidiVita (NSdV) 2004-2007 was an experimental research and training project on ethical finance and social inclusiveness, implemented in Lombardy. Authored, proposed and managed by Alberto G Brugnoni, it was wholly funded by the European Social Fund through the EQUAL initiative, the Italian Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Policies and the Regione Lombardia, one of the "Four Motors for Europe"

After its conclusion, EQUAL NSdV 2004-2007 was showcased by the European Commission in Helsinki and Hannover and is up today acknowledged by the European social economy networks as a reference tool

This ground breaking project split into three areas of intervention:

At the national level, it aimed to tackle the issue of financial and social exclusion and helped to consolidate the networks of ethical and social economy represented by the Reti di Economia Solidale (RES) located in Lombardy. It counted among its partners some of the most important Italian players of ethical and solidarity finance, such as MAG2 Finance, Banca Popolare Etica, Consorzio Assicurativo Etico Solidale, Consorzio Sociale Light, Associazione Rete del Nuovo Municipio,BIC-La Fucina. To achieve its goals, NSdV financed the research activities of the following think-tanks: the Comitato promotore della Fondazione per la Moneta di Dono, for the study and implementation of complementary currencies, the Laboratorio di Politiche Pubbliche for social policies, and the Laboratorio di Progettazione Ecologica for territorial added value policies

At the transnational level, NSdV participated in the EUROSOL project with 'SOL-Echanger autrement' of France, 'ERES-Sevilla - EQUAL para la Responsabilidad Social en Sevilla' and 'TESIS - Territorios Emprendedores para la Economía Social y Solidaria' of Spain; 'São Brás Solidário' of Portugal; 'Nuove Officine - La comunitá di pratica per l’economia sostenibile' of Sardinia. The project aimed to showcase the access-to-credit best practices available in these countries and saw the involvement of more than forty associations, cooperatives and NGOs

In the national mainstreaming action, NSdV disseminated its results and partnered with “Scie” - Torino; “Finanza In” - Milano; “Recoopera” - Chieti; “Espansione” - Puglia; “Ortinet” - Napoli; “Nuove Officine” - Bologna; “Dall’Associazionismo all’impresa Sociale” - Perugia

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